U.S. Girls’ New Single “Mad As Hell” Is The Song Every Woman Needs Right Now


“Mad as hell” is an apt way to describe being a woman in today’s world. Meg Remy, as U.S. Girls, channels those frustrations and disappointments with current politics into a disco-pop number that is both critical and inspiring at the same time.

“We can never know the hands we’re in, until we feel them grip / Choking off our air supply but I don’t cry / Every day I look, every day I see / That good war music still getting written for me,” she sings.

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With Trump and Co. working to take women’s rights away (amongst other things), the onslaught of depressing news can really wear a person down. “Mad as Hell” brings a sense of power back. A politically-charged dance number is what we need to keep fighting all the bullshit of the world. Even better, Remy’s saccharine sweet voice makes the powerful message all the easier to hear.

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An entrancing disco beat backs up lyrics about resistance: “As if you couldn’t tell, I’m mad as hell / I won’t forget so why should I forgive? / No, not as long as we both shall live / These vital lies just don’t come in my size.” The video features Remy, along with a squad of superimposed Remys, performing a stilted ‘60s dance while ‘40s military video play behind her.

Check out the video and get mad as hell: