Belt buckles are an easy way to make a bold statement, no matter what you are wearing. The cool shine of silver can immediately embellish your favorite pair of denims or pull together your best night-on-the-town ensemble.


A thoroughly modern take on traditional form. Solid. Angular. Graphic. Complements any number of styles and transitions easily from casual to formal wear.

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This buckle’s bold, geometric shape is softened by the airy quality of its cutout. Offers a peek-a-boo of the rich leather underneath.

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A circle within a circle. Playful. Gentle. Open.

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The most organic of buckles. Reminiscent of a beach stone as it skips across the water. Reflects light and mirrors images as you move.

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Dog Jewelry

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One bold design, innumerable ways to be worn. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle, hang it in a single gleaming strand or tie it closer to your neck.


More than any other piece of jewelry, rings are rich with symbolism and imbued with significance.

Please, contact us for more information. Every piece can be cast in gold upon request. All special requirements and personal customizations can be addressed in a private consultation.