More than any other piece of jewelry, rings are rich with symbolism and imbued with significance.They can be stunning, outstanding or just a lot of fun. Wear yours as a sign of love or a commitment to your own individual style. MASSIVESILVER adds a pleasant weight and glow to your finger. Illuminate your presence.


Even if you’ve yet to visit the Chianti vineyards of Tuscany – where the inspiration for this ring took shape – it will still speak to you and your sense of place. It’s as evocative as a photograph.

from 199€



The layers of this ring will snake and coil their way around your finger three times before resting: Serpentine and very sexy.

from 199€



A single swooping cuff. The beauty is in the asymmetry and scale. Perfect for lovers of modern minimalism.

from 199€



A small opening is all that’s needed to make a big impression and this ring is no exception. Two edges almost touch to form a complete circle, but not quite which creates a special tension, and an overlapping layer adds dimension.

from 199€


Mini Bling

This ring makes a bold, architectural statement that is balanced by a touch of whimsy in its slightly off-center opening.

from 199€



Like a piece of satin ribbon, this ring wraps beautifully around the finger. This piece conveys movement and organic flow.

from 199€



Simple and sophisticated. A smooth, substantial band has a slight “lip” on the edge for a softening detail.

from 199€



An illusion is one ring that appears to be three. What’s not an illusion? Carefully placed diamonds embedded in just the right places.

from 199€


Ding a Ding

Curvaceous and stackable, perfect for wearing two or three together, or even as complements to your other favorite rings.

from 199€


I do

These uneven wedding bands symbolize the nature of our most important relationship, while the diamond embedded on its inside forever reminds the wearer of his or her spouse.

from 199€


Dog Jewelry

New collection coming soon…


One bold design, innumerable ways to be worn. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle, hang it in a single gleaming strand or tie it closer to your neck.


Belt buckles are an easy way to make a bold statement, no matter what you are wearing.

Please, contact us for more information. Every piece can be cast in gold upon request. All special requirements and personal customizations can be addressed in a private consultation.