26 Famous People on Their Favorite Scented Candles.

Ellen DeGeneres
“My favorite is Petite Cherie, a lovely aroma that I use in my home and office.” — Elle Decor, August 2014

BuyAnnick Goutal Petite Cherie Perfumed Candle$63, Neiman Marcus

Selena Gomez
“Before I lived in my own house, I’d have a bunch of candles for my room in my parents’ house, and they would last forever. But now that I have this whole house, every room must have a scent! And I want them to be lit every night, because it just feels so good — I’ll light them in the piano room where we always have jam sessions or even during the daytime when I’m doing my makeup. My favorite scents are Voluspa Mokara and Voluspa Saijo Persimmon, neither of them are too expensive. I was into Le Labo for a while, but only in my room, because they’re expensive. I’ll save that for my tour bus now.” — Into the Gloss, October 2014

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Simon Doonan
“Okay, this is slightly cheating, but I really just adore my husband’s tomato candle. It smells like your granny’s tomato plants, but in a good way. Gorgeous in the summer, but also festive and ever-so-slightly freaky for the wintertime.” — the Strategist, January 2017

BuyJonathan Adler Tomato Pop Candle $34, Amazon

“Vanilla. Warm and sweet. I have a lot of Diptyque candles around the house. Even when I’m away, I have someone burn them. I like having the scent in my pillows.” — InStyle, December 2007

BuyDiptyque Vanille Candle$34, Barneys New York

Kylie Jenner
“I love candles that smell like the holidays.” — People, September 2015

BuyLe Labo Cade 26 Candle $150, The Gramercy Park Hotel

Lea Michele
“So obsessed with my new @murchisonhume candles! So perfect for this cozy rainy day … ❤️❤️❤️❤️” — Instagram, December 2014

BuyMurchison-Hume Soy-Blend Candle in South African Gooseberry $32, Etsy

Karen Elson
“First, I have to have Jo Malone Red Roses, it’s my favorite candle. It smells heavenly, and I’m an English rose! I like anything with a rose scent. In my bathtub in Nashville you walk into my bedroom and the whole thing smells like red roses.” — Into the Gloss, April 2017

BuyJo Malone Red Roses Candle$65, Nordstrom

Photo: michel cecconi

Baies for my office, Gardenia for home.” — Elle Decor, February 2014

BuyDiptyque Baies Candle$64, Neiman Marcus

Mariska Hargitay
“It makes my home smell so warm and welcoming.” — Shape

BuyJo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Candle$65, Saks Fifth Avenue

Blake Lively
“These [Le Labo Santal 26] are my favorite candles because you can personalize the labels, so they make good gifts.” — Marie Claire, August 2013

BuyLe Labo Santal 26 Vintage Candle$60, Barneys New York

Linda Rodin
“I’m not a big candle person, but I’ll use my own and this one from D.S. & Durga (they make my perfumes, too). It’s fresh and heavenly. I keep it in my bedroom.” — the Strategist, March 2017

BuyD.S. & Durga Spirit Lamp Candle$65, Barneys New York

Alexander Wang
“I discovered their shop when I was in Paris, and they just opened a little shop in ABC Home here in New York. Their scents were amazing, and all the candle holders are hand-blown glass. My favorite scent is called Mantes La Jolie. It’s so fresh, minty, and crisp. I love it.” — GQ

BuyAstier de Villatte Mantes La Jolie Candle $120, ABC Home

Abby Elliott
“It’s a great alternative to smoking pot. It doesn’t necessarily smell like pot, but it’s nice and smoky, especially in the winter. It doesn’t get you high, unfortunately, but the little container is really cute, and we keep that after the candle’s out as a container for the apartment.” — the Strategist, July 2017

BuyJonathan Adler Hashish Candle $68, Amazon

Poppy Delevingne
“My home is overflowing with Jo Malone London candles and I scented my wedding with Orange Blossom, which still gives me butterflies.” — Vogue, April 2015

BuyJo Malone London Orange Blossom Candle$65, Sephora

Carole Radziwill
“I’ve always had candles in the apartment, but I was so nervous about the kittens and kitty litter that I started burning candles 24/7. I found these Nest candles in the Sicilian Tangerine that I just love. That and the Grapefruit are my favorites. It just has this great smell that’s not perfumey, but a little like fresh laundry. You wake up and smell it, and think, It’s going to be a good day. I like the way they burn, too. Some candles are $40, and you burn them for two days and they’re done. These burn long and evenly. It’s like life. Slow and steady wins the race.” — the Strategist, April 2017

BuyNest Fragrances Sicilian Tangerine Candle $40, Amazon

Taylor Swift
“Byredo … Tree House. That is it.” — xoJane, April 2016

BuyByredo Tree House Candle$80, Barneys New York

Sarah Jessica Parker
“There’s nothing better than a blue Rigaud candle.” — InStyle, December 2007

BuyRigaud Paris Chevrefeuille Scented Candle$99, Neiman Marcus

“I’ve wanted to do a candle for many years, just because I’ve always used them. This is the perfect candle because the orange-ginger scent is very subtle and easy to live with — that’s really the main criteria for candles to me. I’m actually burning one right now. There’s something ritualistic about it. I’m not practicing, but I do have a Catholic background, so that must explain it.” — the Strategist, March 2017

BuyRuPaul Essential Candle $30, Sweet Los Angeles

Nicole Richie
“I really love the relaxed vibe of friends sitting on the floor, D.L. & Co. candles burning, and listening to music.” — Elle Decor, November 2013

BuyD.L. & CO White Soleil Candle $55, Spring

Kendall Jenner
“When I know I need a ‘me’ day, I’ll take a long, hot bath with my favorite Byredo candle burning.” — US Weekly, August 2016

BuyByredo Bibliothèque Candle$80, Barneys New York

Amanda Seyfried
“I love those Yankee candles [in] Buttercream Frosting or Angel Food Cake. I mean, who doesn’t put a vanilla-scented candle out in their kitchen? [Those scents] relate to the child in me, which will live on forever. That’s also probably the pregnancy talking; I’ll blame it on that.” — Refinery29, July 2017

BuyYankee Candle Buttercream Medium Jar Candles $25, Amazon

Jennifer Connelly
“And I love the smell of Cire Trudon’s Abd El Kader candle. That’s what I burn at home.” — Vogue, July 2013

BuyCire Trudon Abd el Kader$95, Net-a-Porter

Oprah Winfrey
“These soy candles are the next best thing to being outdoors, transporting me to a forest of pine, cedar and cypress.” — New Beauty, November 2016

BuyThe Village Common Essential Oil Candle $24, The Village Common

Sarah Michelle Gellar
“I like to give nice candles, as they are a gift for the entire house. Archipelago makes some of my favorite scents.” — the New Potato, November 2015

BuyArchipelago Botancials Excursion Glass Jar Candle$19, Nordstrom

Kirsten Dunst
“A.P.C. candles are reasonably priced in the world of high-end candles and they last a long time.” — WhoWhatWear, November 2011

BuyA.P.C. Scented Candle in Jasmin Vert$50, Need Supply Co.

Miranda Kerr
“These candles are based on themes like vitality, strength, and love.” — Harper’s Bazaar, August 2016

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