More than any other piece of jewelry, rings are rich with symbolism and imbued with significance. They can be stunning, outstanding or just a lot of fun.

Wear yours as a sign of love or a commitment to your own individual style. MASSIVESILVER adds a pleasant weight and glow to your finger. Illuminate your presence.


One bold design, innumerable ways to be worn. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle, hang it in a single gleaming strand or tie it closer to your neck. All pieces are cast in 925 sterling silver on a leather string. Choose your shapes and make them your own! With something organically pleasant to our eyes and skin in the shiny, weighty smoothness of the elements. Multifunctionals are a fresh and playful way to highlight your presence.


Belt buckles are an easy way to make a bold statement, no matter what you are wearing. The cool shine of silver can immediately embellish your favorite pair of denims or pull together your best night-on-the-town ensemble.

The Leader Two

Huang Yulong is one of the new generation of Chinese artists and part of the ‘post-80s generation’ and ‘only child’ generation, Huang is strongly influenced by the phenomenon of foreign culture in China, which he combines with his fascination with pottery and the...

Replicant 2017

Last night, a Chinatown street hidden underneath the Manhattan Bridge became the scene for Raf Simons’s second men’s wear show in New York, which was largely inspired by the movie “Blade Runner.” “I wanted to have an environment which was very Asian,” Simons said...

The Jeweller’s Bench

Hand sanding a sterling silver pendant. All of my works are fabricated by me, from beginning to end.

Arts + Craft

To create stunning handcrafted works of art, Margret Karner uses many of the same tools and techniques as the great master jewelers of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Construction Time Again

Skylines are super glamorous, city streets -- not so glamorous. You know, when you get, actually to this town it has reality. The horizon, the open road, is very, very glamorous. There are few things more glamorous than the horizon -- except, possibly, multiple...

Roaming the Streets

of Vienna x Skander Khlif

T Party


Raise your Art Rate

Part gallery tour, part dance performance, part workout, The Museum Workout is "a tour that leaves its audience-members-slash-participants both sweaty and inspired" (Dance Spirit). After two sold-out runs, the work returns for a limited run because, "turns out, a...

Gather the Flower Girls

On a tiny farm in Washington State, one woman’s floral workshops have become something of a sensation. In 2013, Erin Benzakein was a moderately successful flower farmer in Washington’s Skagit Valley, about an hour north of Seattle. She and her husband, Chris, met in...

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Steve Miller uses x – rays to take a fresh look at the beauty of nature. The New York artist occasionally incorporates man made objects in this case a CHANEL handbag from his X – Ray fashion series.

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Too Much is Never Enough

Learn how to make The Sound of Silver Cocktail from Captain Jane Danger. Great summer drink. Happy Memorial Day! https://youtu.be/eXu1UO0khA4

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Karl Ammerer und Marcos Valenzuela freuen sich, Sie anlässlich der Präsentation des Schmuck Labels MASSIVESILVER von Margret Karner   am Dienstag, den 23. Mai 2017, 19.00 Uhr bei Tiberius, Lindengasse 2, 1070 Wien   sehr herzlich einzuladen.   Seit 25 Jahren macht das...

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Takuro Kuwata

Japanese ceramic techniques and aesthetic principles, both traditional and experimental, form the foundation for Takuro Kuwata’s otherworldly objects & vessels. His creations push the ancient medium to a riotous extreme, dancing between pop and Kogei (traditional...

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Watch Cate Blanchett's Warped Face in New Massive Attack Video. Directed by John Hillcoat, the clip features Blanchett's head rotating against a black background as Sandoval's lithe voice drifts over Massive Attack's brooding production. At first, the actress...

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