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Margret Karner, Designer MASSIVESILVER

Margret Karner grew up in the Italian country side, received her classical designer and silversmith training from the jewelry institute “Le Arti Orafe” in Florence and has produced her line for over 15 years in Florence, London and, for the most part, New York City. Those great metropolises have given MASSIVESILVER a jumpstart gaining worldwide clientele, particularly in Japan, Italy and the USA.

Margret Karner was honored with the New York’s Rising Star award in 2007. Her work made among others a strong appearance in exclusive Tokyo market places, New York Fashion Week, high-end boutiques and the Italian cinema. At the crest of 2015, Margret Karner made her very fresh comeback to Europe with a presentation in the Museums Quartier in Vienna, her new hometown.

Heavy in hand and solid to the touch, any woman walking to work with one of MASSIVESILVER’s rings on her finger would feel beautiful and armored. Any man with one of her bold buckle designs would feel stylish and reassured in his blaze. Both will feel the impact of chic made by the solid jewelry they take to the city streets.